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The Thorpe Group


Currently my research group includes:-

  • Dr Yann Surget-Groba who is an EC Marie Curie Research Fellow working on the population genetics and speciation of Lesser Antillean lizards
  • Jackie Eales who is working on the population genetics of invasion and colonization using Anolis cristatellus as a model. The studentship is supported by the CASE partner Wildlife DNA Services [Link to WDNAS].
  • Nick Dawnay  who is working on wildlife forensics with WDNAS as a CASE partner.
  • Helena Johansson who is working on gene flow across lineages in NW Martinique anoles.
  • Dr Jenny Gow who was working on mechanisms of differentiation in Southern Lesser Antillean anoles funded by the BBSRC has married and moved back to Vancouver.
  • Wendy Grail runs the laboratory and helps out on a range of projects, particularly the project on anole speciation.

The venomous snakes research involved collaboration with either Dr A Malhotra or Dr W Wüster from the Molecular Ecology and Evolution group at Bangor, and Dr Malhotra has also a collaborated on much of the lizard research.